Family History Courses

From 2005 a series of family oral history courses are being conducted in conjunction with the St George & Sutherland Shire Community College (SGSCC), Sydney and other colleges throughout Sydney.

‘Family Oral History -The Next Step Beyond Genealogy

The course takes you through the art of interviewing your relatives to gain a record of their valuable history. These can be published as life stories or just for family records. You learn how to prepare questions to ask relatives and trigger memories using a wide variety of prompts. You find out how to use an audio recorder to conduct an effective interview, write a life story the easy way, create a memory box of optional extras, including a biography, memorabilia etc.

The topics presented in this course are:

  • Pre interview to gather interviewee profile & source / research the interview questions
  • Interview planning, recording equipment & pitfalls to avoid
  • Types / categories of questions, & structuring the questions
  • Conducting the interview; self analysis & interviewee feedback at completion
  • Verbal & non verbal triggers; memory therapy & suppressed memories
  • Oral history versus reminiscence; privacy & copyright
  • Typing logs, a synopsis and labels for the recordings
  • Memory boxes & memorabilia; mind maps to assist writing & publication
  • Resources & assistance available to family oral historians

More Information
We run this course at various times through a variety of Sydney Community Colleges. For details of the next course closest to you contact Bob Mitchell on telephone: 02 9520 9232 or email Bob at

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