Memory Therapy

With a growing aged population there are great demands on housing and care of elderly people, in hostels, nursing homes and the like. Diversional therapists play an important role by ensuring residents in their care are both physically and mentally stimulated. Memory therapy is a vital aspect of their work, and this is an area where Memory Man ‘in service’ training for diversional therapists, volunteers and carers can help.

101 Ways to Trigger Memory

These talks are held for the information of diversional therapists, carers and volunteers at aged care centres, hostels and nursing homes throughout Sydney.

The aim is to pass on skills about how to trigger memories of the aged residents using a variety of techniques, and how to conduct successful reminiscence sessions.

The presentation lasts for 90 minutes and is called ‘101 Ways to Trigger Memory’. Resources used are an OHP, transparencies, memorabilia and a tape recorder. Topics covered include:

  • The nature of memory (mental management, memory aids, dementia warning signs)
  • Use of verbal and non-verbal triggers
  • The importance to both interviewer and interviewee of story telling and sharing memories
  • Suppressed memory, taboo topics and family baggage
  • Use of various memory prompts such as music and other sounds, old household memorabilia, and even smells.
  • Demonstrations from past Memory Man interviews to show how a range of triggers were used to successfully release ‘forgotten’ memories.
  • Getting the most out of conducting reminiscence sessions for aged care residents
  • Privacy and confidentiality issues
‘We asked Mr. Mitchell to come and instruct our staff and to share his very special technique….he took us on a wonderful journey into our own pasts.’
Barbara, Anglicare, Sydney
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