Record a Family Life Story

Memory Man assists families to record the precious memories of their older folk. An informal tape recorded interview over a few hours will ensure your family has a lifetime of memories as keepsakes forever. Memory Man will arrange the interview, ask the questions and do all the work to produce the oral and written histories. Recording older people’s memories accords them time and respect while shedding light on another time in history.

Stories are recorded on audio cassette tape or CD-Rom and are fully logged. All tapes and disks are labeled and contain colour photographs of the interviewee. To safeguard the recordings against possible damage or loss, Memory Man produces a minimum of two sets of tapes/disks, one master set and at least one copy for other family members.

Our Standard Life Story Package includes:

  • A typed log of the topics discussed at interview, e.g. ‘my earliest memory’, ‘school days’, ‘my first job’, etc. There is a separate log for each tape or disk.

  • Each recording is labeled and personalized with a colour photograph of the interviewee.

Optional extras include:

  • Free Lodgment of a set of the interview tapes / disks at the Oral History Association of Australia, NSW State Library, in it’s database of public recordings.
  • Additional sets of the tapes / disks for family members
  • A ‘Celebration of Life ’ tape or disk, to be played in the distant future at the funeral service to celebrate the life lived. This recording contains excerpts from the interview.
  • A written Life Story Synopsis (approximately 500 words)
  • A Single View Log of the entire interview
  • Historic Images relating to the interviewee’s life
  • A Panoramic Photograph of the interviewee depicting how the person’s appearance has changed over time
  • Newspaper Headlines either from the year the interviewee was born or from the year of arrival in Australia
‘Bob…is a skilled interviewer and can extract one’s story without pressure or embarrassment. His presentation of the material is excellent’
Ray of Roseville Chase, Sydney
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