1001 Life Story Questions – The Book

After fielding numerous requests for such a book I have eventually bitten the bullet and written it. It comes after ten years work, hundreds of interview hours and thousands of stories told by ordinary people.

Importantly, all 1001 questions are open-ended, all cater for both genders, and 800 can be used internationally not just in Australia. They cover the family history as well as all stages of an interviewee’s life from childhood right through to retirement:

  • Family History (23 questions)

  • Childhood (175 questions)

  • Adolescence / Young Adulthood (233 questions)

  • Depression Days (38 questions)

  • WWII Years (89 questions)

  • Marriage & Family (213 questions)

  • Retirement (70 questions)

  • Life Observations (76 questions)

  • Personal Reflections on Life (79 questions)

The Foreword to this handbook is written by Rosemarry Block, the President of the Oral History Association of Australia. 1001 Life Story Questions will save you many many hours of preparation and is ideal for:

  • Older family members who want to leave their life story as keepsakes for the children, their grandchildren and the subsequent generations of their family.

  • Children and grandchildren of a much loved older family member who want to capture precious memories for their family before it is too late.

  • Diversional therapists, volunteers and carers who reminisce with older folk in their care but who do not always know what topics and questions are possible.

  • Primary school teachers who, as part of the school curriculum, require pupils to interview an older family member or friend to learn about yesteryear and their own family histories.

Order the Book

To order a copy of ‘1001 Life Story Questions’, simply send a money order or cheque for $32.95 within Australia or AUD$45.95 outside Australia to:

Mr. Robert Mitchell,
33 Morrison Avenue,
Engadine, Sydney, Australia 2233

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